Business meets Culture-Happiness Accelerator

In cooperation with German Chamber of Commerce in China,Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany Guangzhou


Artists: Marc Schmitz    YUAN Shun    ZHANG Wenxin    Frederik Foert    SI Yong 

Organizer: InterCulture

Collaboration with: DIHK   Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany Guangzhou

Sponsor: OJESH


· Marc Schmitz (马可·施密茨): 

Marc Schmitz is a German artist who lives and works in Berlin. Marc Schmitz works as an artist and curator in the media of painting, installation, object, video and land art. His art has been exhibited around the world, is represented in private and public collections and has received numerous international honors. He is the founder of the Land Art Mongolia Biennial, for which he has served as artistic director since 2010.

· 袁顺 (YUAN Shun):  

Yuan Shun,born in Shanghai in 1961. In 1983, he graduated from the Fine Arts Department of Beijing PLA Academy of Arts. He used to be a tutor at the Shanghai Chinese Painting Academy. Yuan Shun’s work includes photography, installation, video and performance arts. He is trained in Chinese painting, but his military experience also plays an important role in his work. Much of his work revolves around themes of landscapes, cities and architecture, for example he creates models of landscapes, natural blends, traces of human intervention and surreal elements, photographing them or integrating them into video installations.


This exhibition is tailor-made for the German-Chinese Economic Summit.  The exhibition incorporates the economic attributes of the event. Adding artistic atmosphere and humanistic perspective to the economic summit with the works of outstanding German and Chinese artists is a new attempt to complement art and economy.

The exhibition explores the relationship between business, art and happiness.  In the context of the ever-changing technology and the unclear situation, how can enterprises as economic entities become participants in the promotion of employees and social well-being?  And how does art inspire individuals to think about happiness and connect individuals to form a happy community?

The participating artists include Marc Schmitz, Frederik Foert, Shi Yong, Yuan Shun and Zhang Wenxin.  The works involve a large number of interactive devices, immersive multimedia images, and contemporary dance performances intertwined with light and shadow, bringing a pleasant and engaging experience to the audience. 

Our exhibition“Happiness Xcelerator”aims at raising visitors’ awareness and self-reflection on happiness. Specifically, we hope to connect people through art, to start a new relationship with happiness through art, and to create a sense of a happiness community. 

This exhibition is organized by InterCulture co.Ltd., co-organized by Design Society, supported by the German Chamber of Commerce in China and the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany. It is sponsored by the German high-end skin care brand OJESH.