“More than art!”- “Ways of seeing: Cycladic-scapes” Exhibition Opening


Opening Date / 17th June 2023

Exhibition Date / 17th June 2023 - 19th August 2023

Location / InterCulture Space at Huangpu Ancient Port, Haizhu District, Guangzhou

Curator / Mar Garrido

Organizers / InterCulture, Intellisia

Supporters / Consulate General of Greece in Guangzhou, Honor, 4DAGE, Heshan Bureau of Industry and Information Industry

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Foreword /

On June 17th, the exhibition "Ways of Seeing: Cycladic-scapes” opened at InterCulture Space at Huangpu Ancient Port in Guangzhou. Curated by architect Mrs. Mar Garrido, the exhibition is a visual journey through the landscape, shape, color and texture of the Cycladic Islands in Greece.




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The English title of the exhibition, "Ways of Seeing: Cycladic-scapes”, contains the words "cyclic" and "scapes," which can be referred both to "landscapes" but also to "escapes." As the title suggests, the exhibition is about the scenery of the Cyclades, but it also alludes to a periodic escape, especially the escape from a monotonous life, such as of the people who visit the islands every summer.


Ms. Mar Garrido skillfully uses blue-tone installations and lighting effects to immerse the space between the blue sky and the blue sea of the Greek islands. Photographs of shapes, patterns, colors and textures unique to the Cyclades, as well as a series of hand-drawn sketches from her travels, depict the beauty of the island from different artistic perspectives.







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Friends come from afar

In his opening speech, the Consul General of Greece in Guangzhou, Mr. Martin Mandalidis gave us an introduction of the Cyclades Islands in Greece and his travel experiences there. He said that Huangpu Ancient Port and InterCulture space, as the starting point of the Maritime Silk Road, was an ideal choice for this exhibition due to its geographical position and rich cultural-exchange heritage. CG Mr. Mandalidis also welcomes friends from all over the world to visit Greece. Then Dr. Jasmin Gong, the board director of InterCulture, introduced the "More than Art!" exhibition and salon series activities jointly initiated by InterCulture and Intellisia Institute, explaining the idea that culture and business empower each other and that enterprises and cultural institutions can be mutually supportive. According to the next speaker, Ms. Cherish Sun from Honor Device Co., Ltd,  "Art brings the romance of technology, and technology helps to express art innovatively." She mentioned that the "HONOR Talents" activity launched by Honor Device Co., Ltd Talents provides a platform for artistic exchange and development. Finally, Mr. Zhang Yang, representative of the HeShan Municipal Bureau of Science, Industry, and Commerce talked about the special intercultural value of Heshan and sent an invitation to all of us to discover this vibrant city.


According to the curator Mar Garrido, the Cycladic Islands are the most spectacular archipelago in Greece, with a total of 24 inhabited islands, including Santorini and Mykonos. These islands are known for their deep blue seas and clear blue skies, contrasting with the local white architecture and dry landscape. Now that the pandemic has come to an end, everyone can go and experience the beauty and poetry of the Cycladic Islands.


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More than art!

The exhibition and salon series "More than art!" is jointly initiated by the InterCulture and Intellisia Institute. In accordance with InterCulture’s motto “doing interesting and meaningful things with interesting people”, this series aims at linking different fields, establishing a platform for cross-cultural and interdisciplinary cooperation, and promoting the combination of East and West, business and culture, art and technology, classical and modern. We invite one curator to develop the theme and format for each exhibition, and there will be a salon-style dialogue during the exhibition.



This exhibition "Ways of Seeing: Cycladic-scapes” is supported by the Consulate General of Greece in Guangzhou, Honor Device Co., Ltd. and the Bureau of Science, Industry and Commerce of Heshan City, Guangdong Province. We also thank 4DAGE for creating an online exhibition hall for this exhibition.

After the opening ceremony, guests enjoyed Greek wine and food at the Hu Ancestral Hall, where they could freely exchange ideas, make connections, and feel the Mediterranean breeze in Guangzhou during the June summer season.



Introduction of cooperation partners /


Intellisia Institute

Started in Shenzhen in 2015 by Chen Dingding, a professor at Jinan University, Intellisia Institute is one of the first new social think tanks in China.

Over the past six years, Intellisia Institute has grown into the most influential new social think tank in China, and has brought together hundreds of professionals in academic and political circles, think-tanks and corporate world at home and abroad as consultants and part-time researchers. And there are nearly 20 full-time researchers. Moreover, it has set up research centers for American Studies, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan politics, and artificial intelligence policy.


Honor Device Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2013, HONOR is the world's leading smart terminal provider, committed to building a landmark technology brand that covers all scenarios, faces all channels, and serves all people. The HONOR Talents Global Design Competition is committed to bringing together young pioneers and conducting a global dialogue between art and technology, so that the talents of young creative talents can be seen by the world, so that consumers can experience the innovative beauty of combining technology and art every moment. There are two things that are indispensable for future life, one is technology, the other is art, technology can make our life more convenient, and art makes our life sublimated.

Click on the link: 11 April Glory Global Innovation Competition event article



Founded in October 2014, 4DAGE is committed to the application and research of artificial intelligence three-dimensional digital technology, with the vision of realizing "digitalizing everything" and letting digitalization fly into ordinary people's homes.

In 2019, 4DAGE launched the first generation of real-life three-dimensional cameras in four dimensions, breaking the long-term monopoly of foreign technology. At present, 4DAGE products have formed a full series of product line layouts - visual series four-dimensional look, four-dimensional laser series, which are among the few Chinese high-precision three-dimensional digital solution providers that fully grasp the core technology and realize full localization and industrialization.


Heshan Bureau of Industry and Information Industry

The HeShan Municipal Bureau of Science, Industry, and Commerce is an administrative institution under the jurisdiction of the HeShan Municipal Government. The institution is committed to promoting the development of science, industry, and commerce. As part of the China-Europe (Jiangmen) International SME Cooperation Zone, it provides a unique platform for collaboration between domestic and international investors and enterprises. The Bureau actively seeks investment opportunities and focuses on areas such as silicon energy, photovoltaics, new energy storage, and high-end equipment manufacturing. The Bureau welcomes investors and enterprises to join them in driving technological innovation and economic development in HeShan City.