InterCulture and Honor co-organised "Technology Meets Art" forum at IFA Berlin



The annual IFA Berlin is the world's largest consumer electronics and home appliances fair, which is in its 99th year. It is worth mentioning that in this exhibition, there are more than 1,000 exhibitors from China, accounting for nearly 50% of the total number of exhibitors. In addition to well-known home appliance brands such as Haier, Hisense, TCL and Midea, as well as consumer electronics brands such as DJI, Lenovo and Honor, there are also Chinese SMEs actively seeking a broader international market, including many exhibitors from Yuehai Subdistrict in Shenzhen, known as "Shenzhen's strongest Subdistrict.






The IFA opened on the 1st of September, and Honor’s CEO Zhao Ming delivered the opening keynote speech, and showcased the bright external flip folding screen mobile “V Purse”.

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In the afternoon, the forum "Technology Meets Art" was jointly organised by InterCulture and Honor.



The forum was moderated by Dr. Jasmin Gong, co-founder of InterCulture, and featured conversations with Prof. Klaus Siebenhaar, founder of the School of Art and Media Management at the Freie Universität Berlin, renowned artist Prof. Wang Xiaohui of Tongji University, Mexican contemporary artist Yunuen Esparza, and Dr. Guo Rui, Global CMO of Honor Group.




Regarding the theme of this forum, experts gave opinions and suggestions from different perspectives. Professor Sibenhaar said that in the history of art, every technological progress and the invention of new technology is a blow to traditional artists and art forms. However, while closing one door, the new technology also opens another door for them, providing them with new possibilities. For instance, the invention and development of camera and film has greatly promoted the growth of artists, art forms, art creations, and even art history. 


Professor Wang Xiaohui believes that the theme "Technology Meets Art" is primordial, and that the society’s progress is like climbing a mountain. Scientists climb up from one side of the mountain, and artists climb up from the other, and when they meet at the top of the mountain, they find that combining the strengths of both parties will be more powerful, more interesting, and more effective.




 Yunuen describes her household as a perfect example of " Technology Meets Art", as she was one of the first artists in the world to use AR/VR (virtual and augmented reality) technology to create art. As for her husband, Philippe, a software engineer, he is in charge of the technical development and realisation.


Wang Xiaohui and Yunuen introduced the concept, cultural origin and story behind the screensavers they designed for the newly released Honor V Purse phone.



Dr Guo Rui introduced the HONOR Talents Global Design Award, which has been running for three years and has received more than 13,000 entries from more than 160 universities in more than 40 countries. Honor hopes to use its rich resources to support young creative talents, empower and incubate more original forces, carry out a global dialogue between art and technology, and enable consumers to experience the innovative beauty of combining technology and art.


Some of InterCulture’s friends in Berlin were invited to attend the function.








After the forum, the models' V Purse phone runway show attracted a large number of journalists and viewers. The combination of high technology with art and fashion, and the fusion of innovation and self-expression are the contents that Chinese brands must develop in the future.





Introduction of the Forum’s speakers  /


- Klaus Siebenhaar Germany -

German university lecturer,

publisher and cultural manager

Siebenhaar was born in Siegen, and grew up in Kassel. He completed his Abitur at the Heinrich-Schütz-Schule. From 1972, Siebenhaar studied German studies, theatre studies and history of art at the FU Berlin. He was promoted to the doctorate in 1979 and habilitated in 1993 in modern German literature. From 1988, he was director of the Institute for Communication Science and Applied Cultural Studies of the FU. Since 1994, Siebenhaar was professor for cultural and media management at the FU Berlin.[1] In 2017, he was awarded emeritus status and left the FU Berlin.


In 2009, Siebenhaar founded the competence center "Cultural Management in China" (KUMA) to bundle and expand academic-artistic and continuing education projects with China, while at the same time promoting the development of university and cultural cooperation with Turkey. Since 2011, he has held a visiting professorship at the Central Academy for Fine Arts (CAFA) in Beijing, and also organizes training programs for museum and theatre managers in China as well as an annual Summer Academy.




- 王小慧  Xiao Hui Wang (China) -


Visual Artist - HONOR Talents Judge



Xiao Hui Wang is a Chinese artist, author and socialite who works mainly in photography, sculpture, design, and media art. Her work has been exhibited internationally, and she has been the recipient of numerous awards and honors; the city of Suzhou has named an art institution after her - the Xiao Hui Wang Art Museum, a rare honor for a living artist. She has been profiled by the prestigious Hong Kong magazine Phoenix Weekly as one of the Top Fifty Most Influential Chinese Artists Worldwide. 


Xiao Hui has been a professor at Shanghai’s Tongji University since 2003, where she runs the Xiao Wang Art Center. She divides her time between China and Germany.





-  Yunuen EsparzaMexico


 Mexican Contemporary Artist

HONOR Talents Judge



Yunuen Esparza is known for her vibrant and transformative artwork. With a degree in Graphic Design, she resides and creates in Mexico City. Her unique artistic style combines personal, aesthetic, and cultural influences to explore contemporary social issues. Since 2014, she has been an international pioneer in the use of augmented reality technology in art, challenging the viewer's perception of everyday reality. Her solo exhibition "Valores Invertidos" was listed among the top 5 contemporary art exhibitions by Architectural Digest and Bogart Magazine in 2018. Her 2022 exhibition, "Tricked," in Germany attracted a record-breaking 100,000 visitors over two years. 


Yunuen’s vital and arresting exhibitions have surprised and entertained audiences worldwide,  from New York City to Shanghai.






- 郭锐  Mr. Guo Rui (Ray Guo) - 

CMO, HONOR Device Co., Ltd.



extensive working experience in consumable industry, Mr. Guo was previously positioned as the CMO of Greater China in Huawei, the General Manger of Digital Marketing, the Managing Director of Digital Advertising, the Director of Branding in Mengniu Diary and the Senior Product Marketing Manager in P&G.


Mr. Guo holds a doctor’s degree of electronics engineering and coputer science from Peking University.






- 龚迎春  Jasmin Gong-

Advisor for Sino-European business and cultural exchange

Co-Founder of InterCulture

Dr. Gong has lived in Guangzhou since 2017. She initiated the first European Jazz Festival in Guangzhou in 2018; in 2019, she co-founded the InterCulture. 

InterCulture is committed to the exchange between the East and the West, doing interesting and meaningful things with inspiring people together. Focusing on ideas, art and music, InterCulture connects the fields of economy, technology, education, design and charity, so as to realize sustainable projects that cross boundaries, domains and disciplines.

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