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———— European Contemporary Art Exhibiton




Exhibition Period 8 August - 30 September 2023

Venue Art Museum of China Resources Building Art Centre, Shenzhen

Curator / Mo Baipeng

Organisers Bravo Arts International Gallery, Shenzhen Runyi Culture Development

Co-organisers / European Consulates in Guangzhou, InterCulture

Supporter / The Mixc, Shenzhen Bay



There are many schools of contemporary art in Europe, they have had a profound influence on world art and philosophy; the influence of the era and life has made art evolve over thousands of years, while the changing concepts reflect the pursuit and thinking of artists on the nature of art under different periods.


The exhibition area is about 2,400 square metres. The exhibition is divided into an inner hall and an outer hall. The outer hall is dominated by the works of Israeli artists, representing the current stage of contemporary art in Israel; the inner hall is a collection of works by Italian, French, British, German and Chinese artists, which are subdivided into special areas according to the nationality of the artists. 


The exhibition includes artists from the Venice Biennale and Art Basel, who, with their own perspectives and very different methods of expression, articulate a unique understanding of art, the times and humanities, and wonderfully demonstrate the plurality, sociality and liveliness of art.

German Artists in the Exhibition /

Charlotte Eschenlohr



Born in Munich, Charlotte Eschenlohr is a renowned crossover artist. After graduating from a prestigious business school with a PhD in Economics, her love for art and her extraordinary creativity and artistic talent led her to give up a career in corporate management and devote herself to art.She became a professional artist in 2002 after studying under the German neo-expressionist master Markus Lüpertz and the New York artist Donald Baechler. It is because of this unrelenting nature and her passion for art that Charlotte's work often unreservedly reveals her passionate inner feelings: brilliant colors, abstract outlines, overloaded visual information, high-contrast renderings, symbolic collages, hand-drawn graffiti, and textual snippets are her favorite and customary means of expression. Her work has a unique hybrid style between figurative and abstract painting, each image is full of tension and seduction, and vibrantly speaks of her confession and dedication to art and life.

Charlotte has spent many years moving between studios in Munich, New York and Beijing, switching between different countries and cultures, always maintaining a dynamic connection with the world. Sea of flowers, female silhouettes, fashion magazines, mythological inspirations, feminism, sexuality, consumerism ... All these seemingly random accumulations of images and symbols have a subtle but clear paradigm shift, releasing powerful symbolism, a timeless topic in the contemporary context.


Charlotte has had a permanent studio in Munich, a studio in New York from 2004 to 2012, and an independent studio in Beijing since 2014. With studios in Europe, America and Asia, her work has been the subject of global exhibitions and important collections.







Jutta Bobo


Jutta Bobbe is a professional artist from Hanover, Germany, who has lived and worked in both China and Germany for a long time. Her childhood was spent in the green countryside surrounded by nature and neighboring the leading German neo-expressionist Baselitz. Influenced by her architect father, Jutta spent her weekends at different local museums. At an early age, Jutta enjoyed viewing the works of Kandinsky, Lissitzky and Kurt Schwitters. Jutta's work is based on a rational system of interconnections between Eastern and Western cultures, between individual cultures and local traditions, which is elevated to a more purely spiritual, aesthetic, and even intuitively colorful entity, resulting in extremely solid and textured works.


In Jutta's "Four Passes" series, the winding and horizontal combination of colorful lines is a re-diffusion of many different elements, creating a sculptural structure that makes people feel that there is only the present, not the future, a kind of visual impact. Famous art critic Zhu Qi called her "creating a new language of landscape".


Jutta's "Move all the way Around" series of oil paintings seem to have stylish structures, strong colors, and rich layers, but in fact, they are the result of the proper use of classical Italian Renaissance painting methods combined with modern abstract painting techniques. Like Leonardo da Vinci's steps in making paintings, each of Jutta's paintings undergoes a long and gradual process: priming, positioning, coloring, recoloring, and overlaying, etc. Each work has its own specific structural variations. Each work has its own specific structural changes, emotional rhythms and tensions, and Jutta claims that creating each work is like composing a symphony: a silent symphony frozen on a two-dimensional canvas."












Marc Schmitz


Marc Schmitz was born in Hamburg, Germany, and studied philosophy at Ludwig Maximilian University Munich | FU Berlin, and multimedia at Art Academy Munich. He is a conceptual multi-disciplinary artist based in Berlin and Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. He explores the foundation of different media by challenging their limits. His works convey sensuality and deep thoughts, inviting the viewers to enter into a mutually constructive dialogue, while processing the infinite space with the viewers’ various senses.


Selected Group and Solo Exhibitions



2018 Bangkok Art Biennale, BACC Bangkok, Thailand

2017 Double Edge, Folkestone Triennial,UK 

Jeju Biennale, Jeju Museum of Art, South Korea

2016 Marrakech Biennial 6, Morocco

4th Land Art Mongolia Biennial, Ulaanbaatar |Dariganga, Mongolia 

3rd International  Biennial of

Muralism and Public Art, Cali, Colombia

2015  56th Venice Biennial, Palazzo Zorzi, Venice, Italy

2014  Goethe Institute, Hong Kong, China (solo)

Faces & Traces, Art Peace Hotel, Shanghai, China

2013  55th Venice Biennial, II Palazzo Enciclopedico, Venice, Italy

2007 10th International Cairo Biennale, Museum of Modern Art, Cairo, Egypt

2005 2nd International Beijing Biennial, Beijing, China

2004  Busan Biennial 2004, Busan, South Korea



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Other Artists' Works /


Calman Shemi



Patrick Rubinstein



Pasquala Difazio



Claudia Limacher



Ralfonso Kinetic



David Harber



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