Forum on Ceramics Culture Exchange along the Maritime Silk Road 


From 18th to 21st October 2023, the Maritime Silk Road Ceramics Cultural Exchange Forum co-organised by InterCulture was successfully held in Jingdezhen. Diplomats from different countries, representatives of economic organisations, cultural institutions and foundations, people from the cultural and artistic circles, media, scholars and business representatives attended the function and participated in the ceramics culture study tour.

This forum was organised by the People's Government of Changjiang District (Jingdezhen)  and Jingdezhen Ceramic Culture International Exchange Center, and co-organised by Jingdezhen Changjiang District State owned Assets Operation and Management Co., Ltd., Jingdezhen Ningfeng Kiln Ceramic Culture Development Co., Ltd., Jingdezhen Export Porcelain Museum, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (Germany) Shanghai Office and InterCulture Co., Ltd. The event allowed the guests to fully appreciate the aesthetic and cultural value of Jingdezhen ceramics, experience the spirit of craftsmanship of Jingdezhen artists, and used ceramics as a medium to strengthen the cultural exchanges between China and the countries along the Maritime Silk Road.

1.Launching Ceremony of Maritime Silk Road Ceramics Tour Exhibition

& Maritime Silk Road Ceramic Cultural Forum

A)Launching Ceremony


At 15:00 on October 18, the launching ceremony of the Maritime Silk Road ceramics exhibition was held in Jingdezhen Export Porcelain Museum. Mr. Cao Xiongtai, Director of the Standing Committee of the Jingdezhen Municipal People's Congress, announced the official launch of the tour exhibition. Director of High-tech Zone Management Committee, Secretary General of Changjiang District, Mr. Ni Weichun, former Consul General of Germany, Mr. Martin Fleischer attended the ceremony and delivered speeches. The chief representative of GIZ in China, Thorsten Giehler, the director of German National Ceramic Museum, Daniela Antonin,members of the UNESCO Creative Cities Delegation,members of the Maritime Silk Road Ceramic Cultural Exchange Delegation and leaders of Changjiang District also attended the ceremony.



In his opening remarks, Mr. Martin Fleischer, former Consul General in Guangzhou, highlighted that "Porcelain - often referred to as "white gold" in German - has historically been at the forefront of this cultural and economic interconnectivity [...] Porcelain's significance transcends mere utility. It adorns our lives with beauty and artistry, embodying centuries of craftsmanship and innovation. " Mr. Fleischer also extended his appreciation to all organizers, curators, and supporters who have made this event possible. He wished that the event would become a source of inspiration and an avenue for promoting cultural exchange and international cooperation through the enduring beauty of porcelain.


B)Forum on Ceramics Culture Exchange

After the launching ceremony, the Forum on Ceramics Culture Exchange along the Maritime Silk Road was held at 4pm at Jingdezhen Export Porcelain Museum, during which the guests had a fierce collision of thoughts on ceramic culture. The forum's speakers and panelists include famous scholars, artists, historians, museum directors, scientists, cultural exchange experts. 

The forum started with the keynote speech "How Export Porcelain Shaped the Globalized World" by Thorsten Giehler, Chief Representative of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) in China, who talked about the historical development of Chinese export porcelain.

After Mr. Giehler, renowned art critic, Professor Pi Daojian from the Department of Fine Arts of South China Normal University, and Dr. Daniela Antonin, curator of the German National Museum of Ceramics, delivered a presentation titled "The Passion for Porcelain: building a global & digital link".


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After the keynote speeches, Dr. Jasmin Gong, Consultant for economic and cultural exchanges between China and Europe, co-founder of InterCulture and Mr. Roger Liang, Director of NRW. Global Business China in Guangzhou, moderated two panel discussions.


Panel 1: Sino-German porcelain trade as a driver of globalized economic and cultural exchange: the past, the present and the future 

Moderator:Dr. Jasmin Gong, Consultant for economic and cultural exchanges between China and Europe, co-founder of InterCulture

Panel Guests

  1. Thomas Eller, President of Ignition Magazine,member of the AICA (Association Internationale des Critiquaires des Artistes) and member of the CIMAM (Comité International des Musea d'Art Contemporaines et des Museaux).

  2. Prof. Holger Briel,Professor of Cultural Studies at Beijing Normal University – Hong Kong Baptist University – United International College in Zhuhai, Guangdong, China.

  3. Zhao Gang, former Director of the China Ceramics Museum, Director of the Ceramics Committee of the China Museum Association, Invited Advisor to the Export Porcelain Museum

  4. Professor Chen Ping, Dean and Professor of the Academy of Cultural Heritage and Creative Industries of Jinan University, China, Director of UNESCO Chair on “World Traditional Handicrafts: Inheritance and Innovation”, Vice-President of the International Organization of Folk Arts (UNESCO NGO)..





Panel 2: How can we make use of new technologies of the digital era such as ChatGPT, AI/AR/VR, 3D technology to help promote ceramic culture and trade exchange?


Roger Liang, Director of NRW.Global Business China/Guangzhou 

Panel Guests:

  1. Prof. Wang Xiaohui, famous crossover artist, Art Director of Shanghai Digital Art International Fair, Founder of Wang Xiaohui Art Gallery

  2. Professor Chen Dingding, professor at the School of International Relations of Jinan University, Founder and Director of Intellisia Institute

  3. Zheng Kuan, Vice President of 4DAGE.

  4. Mr. Yu Zhenrong, senior mediaman, founder of “Ceramics Information” and “Kitchen & Bath Information” magazines, and the web portal for ceramic sanitary ware Tao Wei Net









2. Jingdezhen International Ceramic Culture Study Tour 

A)Sanbao International Ceramic Art Village 



B)  China Ceramic Museum










C) Ancient Kiln Folklore Expo Area




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D) Yaoli Old Town Tour





E) Tao Yang Li Scenic Spot






F) Fuliang Ancient County Tour








G)"Art in Fuliang" Land Art Festival








3. Ending

This event has adopted the model of forum + study tour, and allowed participants fully appreciate the aesthetics and cultural value of Jingdezhen ceramics, experience the spirit of craftsmanship and the excellent Chinese ceramic culture, as a medium to strengthen the cultural exchanges between China and the countries along the Maritime Silk Road.




Members' impressions

The following is an excerpt from the sentiments of our study tour member Ms Yang:

"This Jingdezhen study tour was very informative and triggered a lot of thoughts in me. The overall planning and reception of the study tour was impressive, and the organisers and co-organisers were very attentive. The richer the daily itinerary, the more the organisation and co-ordination skills of all parties were tested. From this point of view, I think that both the ceramic culture exchange forum and the study tour were planned very professionally.

From another point of view, through the Taoxichuan ceramic fair, you can see the rapid enhancement of Jingdezhen aesthetics. [...] As a visitor, I did see the spontaneous formation of the art ecology and Jingdezhen's own precipitation of cultural connotation, which creates a unique form of beauty.

Talents are the most effective element for a city’s sustainable development. And intercultural exchange is always the best way for a city to be noticed by the world. I believe the future of Jingdezhen will be even brighter!"

InterCulture would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all the co-organizers and supporters.

We look forward to working with more interesting people and organisations.

4. Cooperating Partners 


Jingdezhen Ceramic Culture International Exchange Center's main responsibilities are to carry out international exchanges, promote Jingdezhen ceramic culture to the world, and strengthen ceramic cultural exchanges and cooperation with the rest of the world; service participation in domestic and international ceramic exhibitions, exchanges, services to promote the development of ceramic exhibition economy, services to develop ceramic cross-border e-commerce, services to promote the ceramic on-line transactions, chain transactions, and promote the development of ceramic digital economy. 

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