Star River Peninsula Intercultural Salon

On 29th December 2023, the first edition of Star River Peninsula Intercultural Salon was held at the Star River Peninsula Hotel in Guangzhou, hosted by Star River Group, and co-organised by Gravitational Field Media, Intellisia Institute and InterCulture. West-Eastern Divan Band led by Martin Fleischer, former Consul General of Germany in Guangzhou, presented a Chinese-German musical feast for the guests, while Chen Dingding, Director of Intellisia Institute and Professor of School of International Relations of Jinan University, brought a splendid salon on the theme of international relations with the title of "New Sino-German Flows under the Perspective of the Universe". More than 100 guests, including Chinese and foreign political and business leaders, corporate executives and young leaders, attended the event.

Chinese-German musical feast by West-Eastern Divan

The event was kicked off at 3pm on 29 December by West-Eastern Divan Band led by Martin Fleischer. There were not only jazz versions of Cantonese music "Autumn Moon on the Calm Lake" and "Colourful Clouds Chasing the Moon", but also Mozart's "Turkish March" and Bach's "Bourée" with Chinese music instruments, as well as "Roll over Beethoven", the bluesy "Knocking on Heaven's Door", "Fever", and the German-Cantonese medley of "So viele Lieder sind in mir", the perfect combination of East and West, classical and modern pieces were both familiar and refreshing to the guests.


Salon on International Relations: Prof Chen Dingding Explains New Opportunities for Sino-German Friendship

At the end of November 2023, Prof Chen Dingding participated in the Foreign Policy Forum in Berlin, Germany, which was attended by a number of European foreign ministers, and in the Salon on International Relations on December 29th, Prof Chen shared his brand new insights with the audience. Under the title of "New Sino-German Flows under the Perspective of the Universe", Prof Chen not only made professional analysis of international relations from a macro perspective, but also shared with the guests the strategies of overseas education and asset allocation under the perspective of international relations from a micro point of view. The guests had a lively Q&A and discussion with Prof Chen, sharing the new opportunities of Sino-German/Sino-European exchanges.

Diplomatic Banquet

During the Diplomatic Banquet, guests from all walks of life from different countries continued to have in-depth exchanges on topics such as Chinese and foreign music and art, gastronomy and culture, and international co-operation, and raised their glasses to welcome the New Year of 2024.

InterCulture is dedicated to the exchange of Chinese and foreign cultures, focusing on ideas, art and music, connecting the fields of business, technology, education and charity, and realising sustainable projects that cross borders, fields and disciplines. This was the first edition of intercultural salon, and we look forward to seeing you in the next edition.