InterCulture Berlin co-organised the exhibition "East . West - Art unites the world"



Duration / 2024.10.02-2023.10.14

Venue / the FRISON HORTA Foundation,in the center of Brussels

Host / InterCulture, FRISON HORTA Foundation,  OKXSA Projects, INSPIRING CULTURE,NooN Consulting Art

On 2 October,in cooperation with the FRISON HORTA Foundation, the OKXSA Projects, INSPIRING CULTURE,NooN Consulting Art , InterCulture Berlin co-organised the exhibition "East . West - Art unites the world"  at FRISON HORTA Foundation in the center of Brussels. The building where the exhibition is going on, was built in 1894 by the great Art Nouveau architect Victor Horta.

The exhibition strives to be international, bringing together artists from India, China, Japan, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia, and Armenia. The works of several great contemporary artists, such as Yuan Shun and Yuri Kuper, whose pieces are housed in some of the world’s largest museums, are presented alongside the works of young artists. The organizers are convinced that art is what unites the world and helps preserve culture and moral ideals for the sake of future generations. What kind of World we want and indeed, what kind of world we need?

The exhibition venue was originally a private habitat hidden behind closed doors for the privileged few founded on a progressive elitist school of thought, today a vehicle for an inclusive culture, attainable to all, centered on humanism and nature. 

Group of internationalproject curators /


NUPUR TRON( Brussels / India) -

 Founder & Director of

     Foundation Frison Horta,

“A Living museum”

Consultant and Curator of Heritage, Art & Culture. With her Enriched Sensibility for Europe and India with many Branded Projects with House like LVMH, Kerring Group and Richmont and has her own haute Jewelry brand from Paris “Nupur-Paris” and has worked with Comite vendome with brands like Boucheron to name a few.

She has been the only chosen Indian Official delegate to be in French President de Republic Official visit to India in Dec 2010, as an example of Young Entrepreneur Success Story from France. In 2018, during the year of Victor Horta and the year of European Patrimonies, Nupur curated a conference on Art Nouveau in Mumbai India with Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum, connecting the bridge between the East and the West in Cultural Heritage and Craftsmanship.




    Committee for Culture,

 Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Expert in art on cultural values of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

Curator of art projects in Russia, Monaco, Germany, France, Kingdom of Luxembourg, Kingdom of Belgium, UK, USA.

Expert -appraiser. Consultant for the formation and promotion of art collections of private clients and banks.

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Oksana Zhudina Bogo(Skopje) 

 Founder & Director of OKXSA projects


Vice president :International Pushkin Foundation.

President and Founder:OKXSA projects.

European Association for Interaction and Cooperation in Education, Culture and Sports.

Our mission is to provide assistance in the development and implementation of international projects.

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- Dr. Jasmin Gong (Guangzhou / Berlin) - 

Founder & Director of InterCulture


Advisor for Sino-European business and cultural exchange, master degree in computer science and a Ph.D in comparative culture studies.

InterCulture is a cultural company with head-quarters in Guangzhou and Berlin, as well as liaison officers in many countries. Focusing on idea exchange, art and music, it connects the fields of economy, technology, education and design, so as to realize sustainable projects that cross boundaries, domains and disciplines.

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- Dr. PICK KEOBANDITH(Brussels / Laos) -

 Founder & Director of INSPIRING CULTURE&am