The “Sports Shape You” event is the third collaboration between InterCulture and PKN Guangzhou. On November 14 2020, InterCulture and PKN Guangzhou jointly launched "Bauhaus x Future Home". InterCulture invited six speakers from different perspectives of architecture, design, diplomacy, social and cultural psychology to give excellent cross-border presentations. On February 19, 2022, the 3rd iPK (International Day of PKN) was held at the InterCulture space which was located in the 400-year-old HU Ancestral Hall. With the theme of "Love and Optimism",  we were interconnected with 60 cities around the world, presenting a 24 hour live webcast exciting speeches to let everyone feel the love of life.

InterCulture is a Guangzhou-based independent space. Focusing on ideas, art and music, we connect the fields of economy, technology, education and design, so as to realize sustainable projects that cross boundaries, domains and disciplines.

We work with excellent artists in China and Europe, cooperate with various Chinese and European economic and cultural institutions. Our team members have rich experience in international project operation, and profound academic background.

Two InterCulture spaces: One is located in the 400-year-old Family Hu's Ancestral Hall in Huangpu Ancient Port. It regularly holds cultural exchange activities, interdisciplinary lab and contemporary art exhibitions.

Another space is located on the basement level in Man Lap Fong Shopping Mall on Ersha Island. This space will regularly host distinguished music, dance and drama events, with a focus on cultural exchange.