September 25, 2022 was a special Sunday, with a unique musical brunch given by the Polish Consulate General, held at the InterCulture Space @ Man Lap Fong on Ersha Island.

More than 20 Consuls General and members of the Consular Corps in Guangzhou, officials from Guangdong and Guangzhou Foreign Affairs Offices, Public Diplomacy Association, Guangzhou Friendship Society, representatives from chambers of commerce of various countries attended, as well as guests from cultural and artistic circles. Nearly 100 people gathered and greeted each other cordially on this casual Sunday.

Listening to the performance by two Polish musicians of Chopin' s works, and the Chinese piece "A Moonlit Night on the Spring River", felt – as some participants put it - like watching the clouds unfolding and tasting fresh water from a mountain spring.

An exhibition displayed on one side of the space told the story of the short and legendary life of Chopin, the piano poet who stands for Poland as a nation of culture.

The relaxing and pleasant time flew quickly. The more than two hours' musical brunch ended with joy and laughter, with the guests taking pictures with the Polish Consul General and extending good wishes.

People come and go. Don' t lose them, don' t forget them. We hosted this musical brunch both to honor a great musician and to meet old and new friends.